Sayaka Nakagawa
 - Oil Peinter -

1979  Born in Kagawa, Japan
1997 - 2011 Paris, France
2011 - 2013 Big Island, Hawaii
Now, work in Yokohama

  Sayaka Nakagawa was born in Kagawa on Shikoku island, Japan. Her artist life began in Paris.  A French "Artistes Magazine" calls her a Colorist in long interview. Nakagawa's work uses only seven oil paints, and mixes them for making several color variations. She paints by the strong touch of brush with standing in the sunlight. When people look her painting, they feel the strength, cheerfulness, happiness, passion and pleasure in vibrant colors. A lot of hospitals display her paintings for energetic mood. Painting is her mirror that continues to change forever. 
  Growing up in a japanese small port town with vivid sunlight and rich nature, had an effect on her colorful drawing and dreaming of overseas. Nakagawa decided strongly to become a painter at the age of 15. So after having graduated from special art class in Takamatsu Kougei high school with honors, she went to France in order to study art in 1997, until 2011.
  In Paris, by many art museums and foreign artists, Nakagawa was able to find her original painting style. In 2003, she was awarded the grand prize of "Academie de Port-Royal" art school of Paris. Thereafter, she took the artist visa, and then her professional artist life started. 
  After working fourteen years in Paris, she decided to move from her second hometown to Hawaii's Big island. Painting with the Earth's power, volcano, starry heavens, amazing sea world and Hawaiian mythology, had really changed her way of thinking and drawing. She went back to her own country from 2013, and worked the first time with Japanese culture. 
   Nakagawa's work has won awards, from Kagawa prefecture for culture art, Salon des Arts in Cholet, La ville aux artistes in Pontarlier, France, and Salon de Blanc in Tokyo.
    In 2001, president of the Salon d'Automne invited to exhibit her painting, and she exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Francais in 2001-2003, Salon Dessin and Peinture a l'eau in 2006-2012, at Grand Palais, Paris. 
  Since 2002, Nakagawa has had solo exhibitions at various places of France and Japan every year. Gallery Art-K and Gallery LEHALLE near the Eiffel Tower, Gallery Espace Arsinoe in Montmartre, galleries in Champange region, J trip art gallery in Ginza, Tokyo, galleries in Kagawa, Kobe, Kochi and Yokohama. In 2010, Shionoe art museum held her personal exhibition, and Kagawa art museum in 2013, Marugame art museum in 2014.